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Sewer and Water Survey

Cambria, Hillsdale and Reading Townships have engaged the services of a consulting firm, Wightman & Associates, Inc., to determine the feasibility and desire of constructing a sanitary sewer system, a potable water system, or both, to serve portions of each Township. The study will look at envirionmental and social needs as well as financial feasibility. At this point the study is very preliminary and no decisions have been made. To assist us in determining the need for a sewer and water system, we have developed the following questionnaire. Tabulated results from this questionnaire will be tabulated and results included in the draft studies of the sewer and water systems. Please return this survey as soon as possible. Your response is greatly appreciated.


1. Do you consider sanitary sewers or potable water with fire protection to more important or are they both equal?

2. Have you experienced a problem with your septic system requiring a repair within the last 10 years?

3. Do you have a mound, dry well, or trench system due to water table or lot restrictions or do you have a standard tile field?

4. Do you have an adequate replacement area for your septic system, should it fail?

5. Does your septic system restrict the appliances you can have in your home such as washing machine, dishwasher, garbage disposal?

6. Has your septic system restricted you from expanding your home or building?

7. If you are on or near a lake, have you noticed a decline in the lake water quality?

8. Is your septic system between your building and the lake or within 50 feet of a lake?

9. Are you in favor of the installation of sanitary sewers if they are economically feasible?

10. Have you experienced problems with your water well requiring repair or replacement in the last 10 years?

11. Are you satisfied with your well water quality including taste and odor?

12. Does your well produce adequate pressure and quantity of water?

13. Do you have an adequate area for a replacement well?

14. Does your well contain levels of Arsenic or Nitrates above the recommended levels (Arsenic > 10ppb, Nitrates > 10ppm)?

15. Do you use your well water for drinking purposes?

16. Do you cook with your well water?

17. Would a water system providing fire protection be of benefit to you?

18. Are you in favor of the installation of a potable water system with fire protection if it is economically feasible?

Note: You will be asked to verify your responses the first time you submit this form.
This page last updated on 6/27/2008.

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