Planning & Zoning in Michigan

Planning & Zoning in Michigan
In Michigan, land development regulation is generally a local responsibility. This means that individuals can have a great influence on the policies and regulations that affect their region.

Land use planning is a process that involves a wide range of people. For the process to work effectively, each actor needs to understand their role and responsibilities. This information was developed to help citizens, developers, and public officials alike gain a better understanding of how the planning process in Michigan works.
Decision Process Guide for New Development
Decision Process Guide
What You Should Know Before You Build
Questions to Ask
Site Plan Review Checklist
How Citizens Can Get Involved
How You Can Effect Change
Public Hearings
Tools for Public Officials
Community Design Review
Site Plan Review Checklist
Intergovernmental Cooperation
An Explanation
Public Acts that Enable Cooperation
Model Policies & Ordinances
Floodplain Management Standards
Lot Averaging
Private Road Ordinances
Resource Protection Overlay District Sta
Steep Slope Development Standards
Stormwater Management
Tree Preservation Standards
Wetlands/Natural Features Setback
Coordinated Planning Act
Coordinated Planning Act
Summary - Michigan Society of Planning
The Act - Legistlative Summary
Business & Industry
Economic Development
Hometown Partnerships
Community Services
Cultural Resources
Natural Resources & Recreation
Test Area
Planning & Zoning in Michigan
Tools & Techniques
Laws & References