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Au Sable Point Lighthouse [Click here to view full size picture] Possibly the most significant group of coastal structures is lighthouses. Michigan has 120 lighthouses located along its 3200 miles of shoreline - more than any other state. These lighthouses represent Michigan's maritime history. They are integral to the story of Great Lakes commerce, transportation, and industry.

Technological advances have made the need for lighthouses almost obsolete. As a result, many of our lighthouses are in danger of being lost forever. Budget limitations are forcing the federal government to dispose of 77 Michigan lighthouses within the next decade. These properties will first be offered to other federal agencies and to state and local units of government. If no government agency takes over ownership, they will be sold at fair market value.

In 1998, the Michigan Lighthouse Project was established to help protect these Great Lakes landmarks for the future. The organization's mission is to: increase public and governmental awareness of lighthouse preservation issues and identify ways to ensure the long-term preservation of Michigan's lighthouses.

To learn more about the Michigan Lighthouse Project, contact:

The Michigan Lighthouse Project
c/o Michigan Historic Preservation Network
P.O. Box 720
Clarkston, MI 48347-0398

Visit their website at www.sos.state.mi.us/history/preserve/lights/milights.html.

Submerged Resources

Submerged resources inlcude the many shipwrecks found along the coast of Michigan, as well as submerged logs and lands. Michigan has nine designated underwater preserves for the preservation of the state's maritime history. For more information, visit these sites:

Michigan Shipwrecks website

DEQ's Michigan Shipwrecks Information

DEQ's Submerged Logs Recovery Information

DEQ Submerged Lands Program
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