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Coastal Authorities
Michigan has a number of laws protecting coastal features. Click an authority below to go to the Michigan Compiled Laws web site to view the law.

Aboriginal Records & Antiquities - Preserves abandoned property on the bottomlands of the Great Lakes, designates underwater preserves, issues salvage permits when appropriate, and authorizes fines and penalties for illegally removing, altering, or destroying artifacts.

Great Lakes Submerged Lands - Protects the public trust in Great Lakes bottomlands through regulation of dredge and fill activities and placement of shore protection structures.

Inland Lakes & Streams - Protects the integrity of the land-water interface, riparian rights, and the public trust in the inland waters of the state.

Natural Rivers

Sand Dune Protection & Management - Protects designated critical dune areas through regulation of construction, vegetation removal, and earthmoving activities.

Shorelands Protection & Management - Protects designated environmental areas, high flood risk and high risk erosion areas through regulation of construction, dredge and fill activities, and alteration of drainage and vegetation.

Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control - Regulates significant earth change activities to control soil erosion and to protect the waters of the State from sedimentation.

Wetlands Protection - Protects the state's wetlands through the regulation of dredge or removal of soil or minerals from a wetland and the deposit or placing of fill in a wetland.
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