Tools & Techniques

Tools & Techniques
Click here to view full size picture This section contains information about planning, zoning and other techniques for protecting important community resources. Each link has practical suggestions for preserving and enhancing local resources such as land, water, and quality of life.
Community Design & Development
Low Impact Development
Neighborhood Design Elements
Farmland Preservation
Preservation Issues
Zoning Techniques
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Sample Farmland Survey
Open Space Preservation
What is Open Space?
Land Development Options
Water Quality Protection
Water Quality
Groundwater - Threats
Groundwater - Protection
Surface Water - Threats
Surface Water - Protection
Preserving Rural Character
Rural Character and Land Use Regulations
Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Protecting Sensitive Areas
Wildlife Habitat
Intergovernmental Cooperation
An Explanation
Public Acts that Enable Cooperation
Model Policies & Ordinances
A Collection of Policies & Ordinances
Regulatory Measures & Design Techniques
Business & Industry
Economic Development
Hometown Partnerships
Community Services
Cultural Resources
Natural Resources & Recreation
Test Area
Planning & Zoning in Michigan
Tools & Techniques
Laws & References