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The John P. Cook residence
John P. Cook residence [Click here to view full size picture]

In the 1850`s, Joel B. Wheaton had begun the erection of a large brick house at what is now 139 Hillsdale Street. Before it was ready for occupancy, he discovered his inability to pay for its completion and John P.Cook took it off his hands. From that time on the house has sheltered members of the Cook family.
Five generations have enjoyed its wide spreading lawns. Probably every child in Hillsdale has walked the stone retaining wall along the street front. The spacious rooms have been the scene of many a delightful social function.
The brick barn on the lot has housed horses, carriages, and automobiles, not to mention a gasoline "scooter" built by Chauncey Cook Jr. for his young daughter, Martha Jane.
The old well with its bucket and chain still remains and water from it was used long after the city water was installed.
From what is known, the first Hillsdale telephone directory shows that the Cooks had one of twelve residential phones listed in the city, at that period the city had a total of 47 subscribers.
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