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White Marble Springs

Unique to this part of the country is a series of springs producing quantities crystal clear cold water, which is found just west of the village of Allen.The Indians and early travelers used the location as a very much anticipated watering spot in their arduous travel along the Sauk Trail.
Frederic E. Marshall (1867-1947) a farmer, began about 1920 to develop the property, his plan was to make the place more inviting to the public and possibly a tourist attraction.
He constructed pools where he planted rainbow trout and went about landscaping the surroundings with attractive trees and shrubs.
His son Frederic J. Marshall (1903-1968) who served Hillsdale County as its Sheriff and then the district as state representative for eighteen years, continued with the work of putting their dreams of the place into reality.
After his father retired to making violins, Frederic J. (Bill) and his son worked together for a time.
A shelter, picnic tables and a walk bridge over the creek and a swimming pool were constructed one by one, then a small cabin was built and later a house.
Untold numbers of individuals have enjoyed the beauties of this park while walking, swimming,picnicking, fishing or taking pictures.
The park has been used for family reunions, political and veteran group picnics throughout the years. For some, the highlites of the visit was feeding the trout and watching them jump out of the water as they were being fed.

Source: 150 Years in the Hills and Dales vol.2
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