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The City of Litchfield has its own fine and informative web site and we invite you to learn more about Litchfield by making a visit through this link. The information below is featured on Litchfield's website.

The City of Litchfield is known for its unique history in this rich and productive farming area of Michigan. Litchfield's first inhabitants were the Pottawattamie Indians. The Pottawattamie Indians who roamed the countryside when the settlers first arrived were the Leathernose family of the Baw Beese tribe. Settlers eventually moved to this area from eastern portions of the United States. The City first went by the name of Columbus but was changed to Litchfield in 1837. The first school in Litchfield Township was also established in 1837. The Village of Litchfield was incorporated in 1877 and became self-supporting through the system of licenses and taxes. Litchfield incorporated as a City in 1970 and is celebrating its 30-year anniversary as we enter the new millennium. The current population of Litchfield is 1,458 from the 2000 census figures.

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