Bundy Hill
Click here to view full size picture Bundy Hill got its name from the original land owner Mr.John Bundy. The old trail did not run directly over the lower portion of the hill as it does now but bypassed it to the south and came out past where Jerome Road is on the West side.
Located on US-12 approximately two miles north of Jerome in Somerset Township, the spot became a well known landmark in the twenties when The Michigan Observation Co. built this stick built tower on the highest point in the area.
This same company built a similer sightseeing tower at a high point in the Irish Hills where a subsequent battle ensued between the company and a local resident who built an identical tower next to the one being erected by M.O.C.
Though the Irish Hills towers remain to this day, the Bundy Hill tower was torn down in approximately 1956 and eventually made way for a commercial venture that would literally take the hill down the road, Millions of yards of its high quality aggregate is spread over the southern part of Michigan and northern Ohio from this mine and is still being hauled away by huge gravle trains at the rate of hundreds of tons per day. Through the thirties and into the forties there was an aircraft location, revolving beacon employed on the tower until the advent of instruments for night flying in small planes.
The spot is jokingly called by some senior locals, "Bundy Hole"

Monkey cages, black bear tethered [Click here to view full size picture]
The small zoo next to the tower.

Bundy Hill was a tourist attraction that lured many travelers in from Chicago Pike (then US-112) At one time the owners of the property Dr. Larue a Chiropractor ran a health clinic at the building down at road levle.
There were cages that contained bears and monkeys and at the observatory levle a person could see the buildings in Jackson, espescially with the telescope. The tower was demolished in about 1956 and the material was used to build the Bundy Hill Restaurant which is still doing business as a Truck Stop.
Russell R. McGee
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The stone gas station on the hill and the freshly paved highway, circa 1926
View from the tower looking at Goose Lake [Click here to view full size picture]
The south view, The building with the simulated windmills was a Restaurant and Tavern,(This writer recalls a grand view out the glassed south wall) The building still stands and i belive is used as rental apartments. The spot where the stone gas station is where the present Bundy Hill Restaurant stands presently.
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