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Adams Township

Click here to view full size picture The first settlers of Adams Township were Solomon Sharp and son Norman who came here in the spring of 1835 from New York State. He selected his land in the northern part of the township and went to Monroe where he recorded the entry.
Dean Sharp, a direct descendant lives on the farm and it has been the homestead of the Sharp`s for one hundred and sixty seven years as of the year 2002.

A post office was set up at his residence and called Adams.
The first persons to settle in the village were Cutler and Birdsell, Mr.Cutler bought 120 acres where the village now stands and Birdsell settled just east of him.
Cutler`s first dwelling was a log house approximately in back of the Payne & Green Hardware and in it he kept a tavern (2 rooms were needed to keep a tavern). In 1846 he built a store across the road and in 1851 a hotel on the southeast corner. This little settlement was soon called Cutler`s Corners.Solomon Sharp the first Supervisor and Seth Kempton , Clerk.
As the village grew the Adams Post Office was moved to Cutler`s Corners and was called North Adams and the village soon went by that name also.

The first marriage in the township was probably Wallace Jackson and Lucy Wilcox in 1837 and the first death they thought was a child of Nelson Dawley in 1836 when he fell into a barrel of water and drowned, He was buried in a small burial ground at the corner of Holcomb and Hoxie Roads, The cemetary was later moved to Northlawn.
The first white child born in the township was Hannah, daughter of Steven Birdsell, At the time of her birth they lived where the Methodist Church now stands, She married Chas.Fullerton and lived in the house where Rick Beach now lives on West Main.

The village was incorporated in 1881.
In the early years, North Adams was a thriving little village; wagon and buggy factory, bedspring factory, stave mill, cooper shop, picket and handle shop, creamery, cider mill, grist mill, hotel and livery, newspaper 1881, six grocery stores, some included notions, meat markets, two drug stores, two hardwares, clothing & shoe store, two milinery shops, lumber and coal, Telephone by 1883, three blacksmith shops, three doctors, harness shop, steam saw mill, two brick yards, movie theater, undertaking and furniture store.

The first school in the township was built in 1835 on the Fowler farm, the location would be in the vicinity of Spratts Trading Post on State and Milnes Roads. In 1839 a log school was built at North Adams or Cutler`s Corners. In 1877 the old brick school was built that burned in 1927.
Three churches, Methodist 1836, Congregational 1840 and Baptist 1851.
In November 1870 The Detroit-Hillsdale and Indiana (D-H&I) train, made its its first run through North Adams. The depot was built in 1871 and freight handling soon after.

Two stores that have continued through the years are The Payne & Green Hardware that has been in the same building since 1900. There were other hardwares but in different locations. The Corner Store has been going since 1878, in 1898 the building was raised and a wall put under it making it a two story with dishes and toys on the second levle.
The undertaking and furniture business is the oldest continuous business, In 1875, Harold E. Young and wife Frances opened a furniture store and undertaking parlor, They built a two story frame building at 131 East Main (Baptist parsonage loc.) living quarters on the second floor, furniture and wallpaper in front area of 1st.floor and caskets made in the rear.
Average cost of a funeral was $35.00. In 1909 moved to present furniture store location. Later the undertaking was moved to 116 So.Hillsdale St. which is Kurtz Funeral Homes now.

The little hand fire pump that was purchased in 1886 could still be used if necessary, at that time everyone helped in case of a fire, In 1919 a fire department was formed ,we now have a very efficient department.
North Adams was noted for their baseball team back in 1906 through 1910, They played Coldwater, Detroit Central, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Hillsdale High and College and won. In 1909 Hillsdale High had not lost a game but the two teams they feared were Detroit Central and North Adams, Lansing High said that North Adams had professionals..
North Adams still is a good "Sports town" and is a good place to live.

Contributed by long time resident of North Adams, Mrs. Marie Davis.

The J.M. Williams Hardware Store, West Main, north side. J.M. Williams Hdwr, 1908 [Click here to view full size picture]

McCormick farm machinery delivery, May 7th. 1898, West Main St. North Adams. Click here to view full size picture

South side of East Main St.North Adams, Borden`s Hotel on the corner,now a village parking lot. N.A. East Main sou. side [Click here to view full size picture]

North Adams Freight Depot North Adams Freight Depot [Click here to view full size picture]

Home delivery grocery wagon Grocery wagon [Click here to view full size picture]

Wheelrights wagon with load of buggy wheels Wheelrights wagon [Click here to view full size picture]
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