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End of year,wrap up




       This year in Cambria township began wih a lot of discussion on wind energy and as we end the year, it appears that Duke is still attempting to find a purchaser for the power created and they are also working to work out problems with Reading township and are also working with Allen township, as they are working on their own wind ordinance.  At this time it does not appear that they will be starting construction anytime soon but we will keep you informed. 


       We purchased a  new furnace this year and we also have done some tree work in the rear of the township hall and in some of the cemeteries. 


       One of the undertakings this year has been the working with the Hillsdale Rural Fire Dept to continue to receive fire service.  As of this writing, we have a contract for 6 months for a total cost of 12,500.  Something that may be different from the past is the fact that HRFD will no longer be billing for "structure fires". 


       As we are looking to upgrade our web site, we would invite you to contact us regarding any information and especially pictures that you may have of our area.  For this to be of continued interest, it would be nice if it included more photos and perhaps some history of our area.  If you have these and would like to share,you may  email me at: cnwiley@rocketmail.com.


     In closing ,we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a satisfying New Year.



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