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Fayette Township is located in the center of Hillsdale County, Michigan, about 20 miles north of the Indiana/Ohio/Michigan state line. In 2003, the Village of Jonesville (which is entirely within the bounds of Fayette Township) and Fayette Township undertook a joint project to rework the Land Use Plan and the Zoning Ordinance for both units of government. The original land use plan and zoning ordinances had been put in place in the mid 1960s, and had been amended many times; becoming very difficult to use at best. After nearly four decades of growth, it was decided that a new land use plan was needed, as well as a refresh of the zoning ordinances.

These documents on this page are a culmination of that project completed in 2004.

For further information as well as any possible updates, please contact the 

Fayette Township Office at (517) 849-2351.


Fayette Township Land Use Documents
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