Local Government>meeting Jan 2011

Hello to all township friends.

Please note this shortened version of our monthly web news. 

At the last meeting there was some discussion but a NO decision on joining the Region Two planning commission. 

We at this township just do not feel it to be important at this time. 

Other business was brief and meeting was short. As you may know we have decided to not have any windmill ordinance, since we do not have zoning for anything else.  That being said,we would like you to notice the overlay map of the proposed ordinance for Reading Township. 

It appears that the eastern line of the overlay would be directly along our Sand Lake Road line and the southern boundary would go all the way to the area of Bigelow Rd..

If you are a property owner ajoining this district, it is important for you to be aware of what may be happening  that would be of concern to you.  If you have questions do not hesitate to call either myself[Norma jean Wiley] or the township office. Again we always look forward to your comments and visits to our meetings.

This page last updated on 1/24/2011.
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