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Juvenile Drug Court
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Updated information on Juvenile Services available in Hillsdale County can be found at http://co.hillsdale.mi.us/index.php/item-juv-main


The Mission of the Hillsdale County Juvenile Drug Court is to
promote strong and drug-free families by intervening with
substance-abusing, juvenile offenders and their families
through strength-based treatment and intensive supervision
leading to youth accountability and a safer community.

What is a Juvenile Drug Court?


The juvenile drug court model is an approach to handling juvenile drug offenses that differs from the traditional juvenile court.

The juvenile drug court model utilizes a team approach to identifying a target population. It provides a comprehensive assessment of needs, requiring family involvement and providing strength-based, intensive, developmentally appropriate treatment and services to the youth and family, while maintaining accountability by the youth for the offense.

  • Judge Michelle A. Bianchi - Presiding Judge in Juvenile Matters
Target Population

12-16 years of age
No prior or current violent or sexual offenses
Adjudicated youth who have violated probation by substance use
Youth with second time substance abuse offenses

Our Drug Court Team

Guardian ad Lidem
Probation Officer
Treatment provider
Law enforcement officer
DHS representative
Mental health representative
School representative

The Goal

The youth graduating from the Juvenile Drug Court program and their families will have completed a comprehensive treatment program and be better connected to natural resources and supports in the community.
The Program

Phase 1

Lasts 2 weeks
Substance abuse assessment
Personal assets inventory
Family assessment
Develop Individual Program Plan

Phase 2

Minimum of 60 days
6:00 p.m. curfew
Weekly individual and/or family therapy
3 visits per week with P.O.
Up to 7 drug screens per week
1 Client Education Group
Weekly hearings

Phase 3

Minimum of 4 months
8:00 p.m. curfew
Weekly individual and group or family therapy
3 visits per week with Probation Officer
Up to 7 drug screens per week
Minimum of 1 Client Education Group
Every other week hearings

Phase 4

Minimum of 4 months
Individualized curfew
Weekly individual and group therapy
3 visits per 2week period with P.O.
Up to 7 drug screens per week
Monthly hearings
Support group meetings
Completion of community service
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