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Hillsdale County Treasurer

Updated information can be found at http://co.hillsdale.mi.us/index.php/item-treas-main


The County Treasurer is the custodian of all county monies. The County Treasurer receives revenue from all county departments and prepares a trial balance monthly for each county fund, reconciles the numerous bank accounts, and invests idle county funds. The County Treasurer collects all delinquent real property taxes, administers the March settlement (property tax monies) with each unit of local government, conducts the annual tax auctions of real estate on which taxes have been delinquent for two years, and administers the delinquent tax revolving fund. The County Treasurer also certifies warranty deeds that the taxes are current, and performs other functions as assigned by the board of commissioners. The Treasurer is a member of several boards – including the County Election Commission, Plat Board, and Apportionment Commission.

The Board of Commissioners by statute approves the selection of which depositories and investments the County Treasurer may use. Employees in the County Treasurer’s office are chosen by the County Treasurer. The salary of the County Treasurer is set by the Board of Commissioners.

Property Listing for 2006 Tax Sale Auction
Rules for Tax Sale 2006
Property Listing for 2007 Tax Sale Auction
Rules for Tax Sale 2007

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