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Jefferson Township
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Jefferson Township is situated within minutes of the city of Hillsdale and has many unique qualities. A quiet rural setting dotted with lakes, streams, rolling farmland and beautiful Lost Nations forest help us to appreciate the importance of protecting and preserving our land - our heritage.

We have a deep sense of respect for those we have lost within our community and our past tragedy will long be remembered by family and friends.

With current population at approximately 3,141; we offer such community services as: rural fire department, sewer system and transfer station. In order to protect the environment our transfer station is continually implementing new recycling features.

The town hall is always available to township residents and is a feature of our community we can all be proud of. Contact the clerk for hall rental information. It has a new coat of paint, new chairs, appliances and a little spit polish; perfect for those special occasions.

Come visit us at a town meeting or planning commission meeting and be an active part of the community or just drop in and say “hi” sometime.

Our township newsletter is available in key locations in the community and you can always catch up on the latest events with a cup of coffee at the nearest local restaurant.

We are a proud and friendly community serving Hillsdale County in a special way.

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Jefferson Township email

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E Mail: jeffersontwp@dmcibb.net

General Information

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Population: 3,141

Meeting date: 2nd Tuesday of each month at Township Hall at 7:00 p.m.

2837 Bird Lake RD

P.O. Box 31 

Osseo, MI 49266


  • Township Hall Phone: (517) 523-3165

  • Township Hall Fax: (517) 523-3799

    Special Events / Interest

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    • Osseos' Mushroom Fesitval is held in May each year



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    Name: Steve Wismar
    Title: Supervisor
    Address 1: 3741 S Rumsey Rd
    City: Pittsford
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49271
    Phone: 517-398-0405


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    Name: Debbie Penney
    Title: Clerk
    Address 1: 3785 E. Bear Lake Road
    City: Osseo
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49266
    Phone: (517) 523-3165
    Please contact me for hall rental information.


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    Name: James L. Lockwood
    Title: Treasurer
    Address 1: P.O. Box 31
    City: Osseo
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49266
    Phone: (517) 523-3165


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    Name: Dean Newell
    Title: Trustee
    Address 1: 2680 Greenly St.
    City: Osseo
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49266
    Phone: 517-523-2466


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    Name: Lynn E. Schrom
    Title: Trustee
    Address 1: 5640 Skuse Rd.
    City: Osseo
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49266
    Phone: (517) 523-3518


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    Name: Jane Gallant
    Title: Assessor
    Address 1: PO Box 188
    City: Brooklyn
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49230
    Phone: 517-812-9106


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    • Township is not zoned


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    Name: William Piippo
    Title: Sexton
    Address 1: 4120 Reading Rd.
    Address 2: 2837 Bird Lake Rd.
    City: Osseo
    State: MI
    Zip Code: 49266
    Phone: (517) 610-2658
    Fax: (517) 523-3799

    • Black Cemetery, Sec. 26 Tripp Rd. (behind barn)

    • Blount/Maplegrove Cemetery, Sec. 20 corner of Reading and Lake Pleasant Rds.
    • East Hill, Sec. 3 Beecher Rd.
    • S. Osseo/Taylor, Sec. 9 Bird Lake Rd.
    • Greenwood Cemetery, Sec. 24 Reading Rd.
    • Leonardson Cemetery (contact - Dave Armstrong) Sec. 13 corner of Reading & Pittsford Rds.

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