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Hillsdale County GIS
The Hillsdale County GIS Committee consists of members from all different aspects for land use within the County. It was originally designed to initiate geo-spatial information for the use of local government and its constiuents.

Through the efforts of the GIS Committee all twenty one jurisdictions in the county have been digitized. The GIS program vision is created by the GIS committee. The vision of the GIS committee is then carried out by the Hillsdale County Michigan State University Extension GIS/Land Use Educator (the position is currently vacant). If you have questions about the GIS program you may contact the Equalization and Land Information office at 517-439-9166

The GIS committee in conjunction with the Hillsdale County CIS program has created the Map Index here on the CIS site. To access the Map Index site click here: Map Index.
Hillsdale County [Click here to view full size picture]
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