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Licensed Day Care
Kids! Our Future A child is love and we have a responsibility to produce safe, quality, affordable day care for our children. Licensed day care centers are a very important resource within our community.

Licensed day care information, referral and guidelines can be obtained from the Child Care Network. Child Care Network is a non-profit organization that works with communities to support and further the development of safe, nurturing and high quality child care through information and referrals to families and through trainings for child care providers. Hillsdale County representative Lee Leier can be reached at 439-4592 or 1 800 MY Child.

We have provided you with the link to a complete listing of licensed day care in Hillsdale County.

The CIS.STATE.MI.US link will take you there. Just click on Hillsdale in the field for county or follow the map provided.
Below is just a very small sample of licensed day care centers in Hillsdale County.
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