About the Hillsdale County Community Center
This virtual community center is being created by citizens throughout the county who are participating in a grant project entitled Information Technology for Community and Intergovernmental Cooperation (ITCIC). The ITCIC project is being developed with oversight from a broad Community and Intergovernmental Coordination Committee, comprised of representatives from the community, local units of governments, and key agency and business leaders.

Primary goals of the ITCIC project are to link all local units of government into this information system, to encourage intergovernmental cooperation and information sharing, and to develop tools to promote integrated community planning. A central tenet of this project is to demonstrate that community and intergovernmental cooperation and information sharing results in more informed community and land use planning.

Funding for this project has been provided by the C.S. Mott and the W.K. Kellogg Foundations, the Michigan Council of Local Governments, the Land Information Access Association and participating Units of Government & Organizations in Hillsdale County listed below.

Learn more about this project at www.liaa.org.
Land Use Planning Features
By clicking on this button in the left menu, you will find links to areas of information concerning land use planning. Information: includes extensive information on Wetlands & Floodplains, Water, Coastal Resources, Soils, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Human Impacts.

Planning & Zoning in Michigan: includes A Decision Process Guide for New Development as well as information on: What You Should Know Before You Build, How Citizens Can Get Involved, Tools for Public Officials, Intergovernmental Cooperation, Model Policies & Ordinances and the Coordinated Planning Act.

Tools & Techniques: includes information about Community Design & Development, Farmland Preservation, Open Space Preservation, Water Quality Protection, Preserving Rural Character, Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Intergovernmental Cooperation, Model Policies and Ordinances and Regulatory Measures & Design Techniques.

Laws & References: includes summaries and links for numerous state and federal laws as well as for State and Federal Agencies that address land, natural resources and environmental matters. It also includes a glossary of land use terms, a list of and links to Organizations to Contact for More Information, and a Short Annotated Bibliography of publication references. All of the information in this area has either been exclusively collected and compiled from a variety of sources - or uniquely created - by the Land Information Access Association.
Other Menu Features
Calendar: ITIC Project and community events, public meetings, etc. Project News: ITIC News articles or other community items of interest. Community Forum: Coming Soon! Self-registered users can interact on specified topics of interest to the Community.
Project Donor List
Allen Township
Amboy Township
City of Hillsdale
City of Litchfield
City of Reading
Cambria Township
Comcast Cable
Community Action Agency
Community Health Agency
Hillsdale Board of Public Utilities
Hillsdale County Board of Realtors
Hillsdale County Chamber of Commerce
Hillsdale County Commissioners
Hillsdale County Community Foundation
Hillsdale County Industrial Development Commission
Hillsdale County Intermediate School District
Hillsdale County Medical Care Facility
Hillsdale County Planning Commission
Hillsdale County Senior Services Center
Hillsdale County Soil Conservation District
Hillsdale Housing Commission
Jackson Community College
Jefferson Township
Reading TIFA
Region 2 Planning Commission
Aquilla Utilities (Michigan Gas)
Moscow Township
Scipio Township
Somerset Township
Wheatland Township
WIN Publications
Wright Township
The information in the virtual Community Center is viewable by everyone. Created by LIAA, this unique Community Center(tm) software also allows users to add, edit or delete information - this means the Community Center can be easily and frequently updated by any authorized & registered user with a computer!
This page last updated on 2/15/2005.

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